“Winter’s Magic”

“He giveth snow like wool: he scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes.” (Psalms 147:16)

A new poem!  “Winter’s Welcome”

Dancing crystals!  Across the sky!  Blankets of white, afloat!  Frosty blue nights!  And glistening stars!  Time for mittens and coats!  Chilling nips! Icicle drips!  Strolling in pure driven snow!  Freezing bites!  And beautiful sites!  Enjoying the Winter’s glow!  (Poetry by R. Lyle Johnson)

A second poem!  “Winter’s Play”

Sleds and sleighs! Snowball fights!  Angels made in snow! Smiling Snowmen! Glittering lights! A family’s love that grows! Fireplace sparks! Cocoa by hearths!  Stories and songs we sung!  Memories of play!  Forever to stay!  In the hearts of children so young!  (Poetry by R. Lyle Johnson)