My Spiritual Triathlon

(Today’s entry is not for the faint in heart!)

“What you choose to do today, is what is most important to you. Set your goal high, choose wisely, and then become!”

“Great things only occur with great effort!” (R. Lyle Johnson)

In Blog Entry 1, one piece of the puzzle was delivered to help answer the question; “Why Am I?”

Today’s entry discusses the “how;” the how to build the puzzle; the how to attain the spiritual compass presented in the poem Whisperings of Wisdom.”

The desire for truth, happiness, joy, purpose, and self fulfillment is found in answering the key question above. The most important questions in your eternal life can only be answered by acquiring the spiritual compass. Today we will consider the “how;” how to secure the spiritual compass, the how to attain the most important answers in life and the answer to the “why am I” question.

Many do not want to know the “how?” Some view the answer as too difficult, too hard. The answer would require our most valued possessions; time, effort, and sacrifice. It is true! The “how?” is not a simple ask and then receive after a one minute prayer. The how is defined by relentless determination and an unyielding effort “to become, to finish the race!”

As mortals we pride ourselves in our success at achieving optimum physical health as well as a flawless physique, or some athletic achievement. Such accomplishments do not come naturally or by chance. They require huge blocks of time, consistent regimentation, prioritizing the important, and often sacrificing worldly indulgences for greater rewards. The trade off for pleasure is often accompanied with endless pain. “No pain, no gain” is heard echoing from the football field to the gymnasium. The training facility everyday at 6:00 a.m. becomes athlete’s mountain to climb. The desired results come through a process rather than a one time event, is days of sweat and endless exhaustion.

Just like the physical body needs a plan to achieve great things, so does the Spirit of Man. Eternal happiness and perfection is a process that requires a plan. The answer to the “why am I” question is no different. There is a price to pay for the greatest of rewards.

Blog Entry Two’s theme is “My Spiritual Triathlon.” So, the question is raised; “do you have a working plan?”

A triathlon is a grueling event that has three parts; swimming, cycling, and running. Unlike the physical triathlon of the world we know, there is a spiritual triathlon that is unknown to most. It entails three events as well; praying, studying the word of God, and serving one’s fellowman. It’s rewards are not recognized in a cheering crowd or with a blue ribbon at the finish line, but in angelic silence and an eternal birthright bestowed with an embrace of divine approval.

Future blogs will consider each of the spiritual components of praying, studying and pondering, and serving.

To become one’s best self spiritually requires the same as becoming one’s best physical self; time, effort, and sacrifice. Patience, diligence, long suffering, magnifying callings, selfless service, being anxiously engaged, all contribute to one’s spiritual growth. The results are not seen in bulging muscles or the perfect body frame, but in the light and goodness that emanates from within. The light in one’s countenance and behavior that shines are this triathlon’s by-products.

The spiritual compass spoken of in Blog One’s challenge is the coach or guide that helps one train for the crown of perfection. Living his training plan is a choice of a willingness “to do whatever it takes to win,” knowing that the reward of the winning is worth everything. Yes, how you spend your time will be redirected. Yes, worldly cares will take a back seat. Yes, mundane pleasures will follow behind eternal objectives. The unimportant will not overrule the priority of the spiritual task at hand. Discipline molds perfection. And perfection comes by prioritizing. Is your spiritual growth more important than the mundane part of your life?

For those of you who say; “I am too old.” “It is too late” “There is no time.” The answer that rings true is that the spirit has no age, time is without beginning or ending, it is never too late. Perfection is a process. Spiritual growth is measured by the light and truth we accumulate through effort. Mr. Universe’s physical strength may be measured by muscle mass in a photo in a magazine, but spiritual strength is measured by the light and goodness one creates through daily spiritual exercise. That light outlasts and outshines any image in a mirror or photo in a magazine.

For those of us who claim; “I have no time for this!” Your coach is whispering, “Don’t be a spiritual weakling! Your have within yourself spiritual greatness! Use your faith to gain perfection! That is the challenge of this earthly probation. It is one of your eternal tests! Your forever future is on the line! The choice is yours! Do you choose eternal joy and perfection?” Remember; “A goal without a plan is the same as a wish without effort.”

Lets start your training today! Lets earn and acquire the spiritual compass.

Challenge: Start Your Spiritual Training Program. (Find a partner to do this with!)

Spiritual Exercise:

  1. Go to homepage.
  2. Click on the activity “Set a Spiritual Goal
  3. Read the whole section.
  4. Print the Daily Spiritual Goal Action Plan.
  5. Fill it out each day for 30 days.
  6. Set a goal each day in prayer, study, and service.
  7. Record your feelings results in a Spiritual Workout Journal.

Good luck! May your training for the spiritual triathlon bring your an inner strength that you did not know existed. As the light grows within, may it heal all wounds, and help you to know your divinity within. I promise you, that you will discover your greatness!

God Bless!

R. Lyle Johnson