Why Am I?

I am awakened by a familiar quiet prompting. Why so early? It happened for a reason.

There are thoughts that I must record. Today I start my blog. You are invited to read it each day. The date you start reading it, does not matter. Just start on Day One, and then come back on Day Two, the date of your choosing. Each day will be like a new chapter in a book you cannot put down. Come and enjoy this spiritual adventure with me!

It will be an experiment that touches your soul, if you choose to participate!

Some will read this introduction and become immediately bored. They are not prepared or ready! They will move on to the trivial, insignificant, and unimportant activities of a mundane day. They will miss an opportunity to think, feel, discover, and ponder. If you are distracted in the moment but desire wisdom, come back later when you can capture the feelings of happiness, meaning, truth, and joy!

Those of you in this moment who have the time, and who hunger and thirst for substance, seek answers to questions that have deep meaning, stay here! In moving forward with a commitment, you will accept the challenge, accountability, and responsibility of becoming greater than you are today. Wiser, more content, more at peace, and more excited about your life! So, let’s start this spiritual journey together!

I ask myself: “Who are you?” “Do you know me?” “Do I know you?” “Are you someone who was led to my blog by a prompting?” “Are you relevant to me?”

The answer comes: “YES, YOU ARE RELEVANT!” Not only to me, yourself, and others who know you; BUT to many whom you do not know, or to whom you will be known. Today, we will not ponder that thought. We will address that truth in the future!

The website, aplacetoponder.com, is a place of peace. It is a place that is all about you! It is a place that you own; where you can discover the answers to the most important questions about your tomorrows.

“Wow Lyle, you are blowing me away! Too deep! Answering questions about my tomorrows?”

It is deep! It is sometimes scary to go somewhere, where most people avoid. The present is safe, and the future uncertain. But, it is not uncertain, when you choose your future and destiny!

It is exciting to discover the treasures of truth that change oneself to become their best selves. So an invitation is extended to you; to think outside of the box, to challenge your comfort zone, to exercise spiritual muscles that have become dormant. Over the weeks ahead, you are invited to ponder a gospel principle.

Gospel Principle To Ponder: WHY AM I?” Not, who am I? But rather, “why am I?”

The “who” will come by answering the why.

Are you ready to start? The answer to the big question (“WHY AM I?”) is an unassembled puzzle. Lets start putting the pieces together. If you are ready, here is the first piece.

Assignment number one:

  1. Go to aplacetoponder.com
  2. Read carefully and slowly the mission statement and purpose.
  3. Click the Poetry Tab and read the poem “Whisperings of Wisdom.” Ponder it!
  4. Answer the questions honestly; “How bad do I desire this spiritual compass spoken of in the poem? Will I work for it? Will I sacrifice for it? Once received, will I follow it?”
  5. Come back for Blog entry two’s challenge, and a gospel principle to ponder.

That is it for today! I look forward to your visit to Blog entry two.

God be with you!

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  1. A beautiful site where I will come when I am in the mode of pondering and considering the blessings in my life.

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